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LIFE System vs. the EPFX QXCI and SCIO

We have compiled this information due to the many requests we get regarding the difference between the 2 systems.
However, it should be noted that they are completely different in design and architecture although they may have similar programs and applications.

Legally speaking The EPFX or QXCI or SCIO is under great legal pressure due to the false registrations and claims made by both the manufacturer and sales people alike.
The EPFX or QXCI or SCIO is illegal for importation in The USA and has also been banned in Canada by Health Canada. The European Union is currently investigating The EPFX/SCIO device for mis branding and misrepresentation regarding their 93/42/EEC Medical Device Registration.

It is unfortunate that The EPFX has come under fire as the competition ultimately served the industry well and provided the practitioners with more choice and a guarantee of better service. Bill Nelson the developer of The EPFX/SCIO or QXCI conducted himself in a very unprofessional manner in some of the interviews and as a result, caused tremendous harm not only to The EPFX/SCIO market but to the entire bio-energteic industry.

Although the links below may show The EPFX in a bad light, read the comments and you will see that this technology is most certainly valid. Clients are experiencing pain relief through biofeedback every day across the globe! It was just unfortunate that Bill Nelson was the manufacturer for The EPFX as his life style and attitude towards the FDA did his company absolutely no good at all. In-fact due to his taunting of the FDA by a song posted in the internet “You ain’t seen nothing yet” the FDA renewed their interest to have him extradited from Europe. There is currently a USA arrest warrant for Bill Nelson as he committed mail fraud by sending his fellow device competitors a cease and desist letter with the FDA logo around 1996.

Furthermore his lifestyle as a transvestite has done his company or the industry absolutely no favors at all. Check out these links:

His sugar coated message to the media: Click here

Bill Nelson models as a pregnant female: Click here

His singing abilities can be viewed here Click here

His You Tube Video Channel can be viewed here

We have included some of these links to provide some insight into the EPFX technology. When investing thousands of dollars or changing a career path, it is important to know who you are dealing with and how the company conducts itself.

You may be interested in these links:

As per The FDA Website:
The EPFX can no longer be imported into The USA. It will be confiscated at the border and is deemed an illegal instrument.

Their registration known as a 510K has been revoked:

News Features:

Seattle Times: November 2007: Miracle Machines: The 21st Century Snake Oil Click here

May 2009 The EPFX certification in Europe was revoked by the European Union. This effectively means that devices can not legally be sold in Europe, Australia and South Africa. A new 93/42/EEC Medical Directive has to be submitted via Bill Nelsons company to the European Union and quite frankly in light of the recent issues surrounding Bill Nelson and his devices we can not see a new certification being obtained in the very near future.

Jan 30th 2009: Why are Canadian hanging their hopes on this machine: Click here

Feb 27th 2009: CBC Canada: Is The EPFX still allowed to be sold in Canada: Click here

Feb 15th 2008: CBS Medical Equipment Scam Click here

Also more FDA news:

At a Jan. 29 hearing of the House Energy and Commerce Committee, Rep. Jay Inslee (D-Wash.) expressed concern about the continued sale of the EPFX in the U.S. Read more click here


12 Responses to “The EPFX/QXCI/SCIO”

  1. Joell said

    Hello I was wondering if it is possible for someone to use the biofeedback machine to make people sick or in pain, especially if the practitioner is not well psychologically. I know of a woman who has the machine in the U.S.A, she is practicing with it and I am concerned.

    • The same can be said for any modality or any profession! Biofeedback is another modality of wellness and as such with such skills in the wrong persons hand, damage can certainly be done! I guess the same can be said for a Chiropractor, Medical Doctor, Accupuncturist or any other modality!

    • The machine itself only measures the bio rhythms within a persons body. The currents are at a low voltage. Its the technicians response and advice that would become the hazzard

      • This is a perfect example of someone who does not understand the SCIO the scio delivers a multitude of therapeutic frequencies bio rhythms is a very small part of the way the device can be used. yes there can be problems with the misuse of any device be it a scio or a car. I have only heard of two cases where problems developed with scio operators who totally relied on what the scio told the,m to do none of which was of any value for the condition’s he patient was presenting with. Don’t go to any therapist that lacks qualifications in the field and I don’t mean bought qualifications.

  2. Bobby said

    Hi, Can you pls tell me when the first QXCI was made? The one I would like to buy looks like a black box. Can you pls tell me how old you think one is? And can you tell me if it would work with the latest SCIO software? Thx.

  3. Angela said

    I consider myself a good person One of my goals is to leave the world a better place with my presence. I aim to be an inspiration to people by my example. I’m ‘of service’ here to uplift and help when and where I can. I know what I generate moment by moment has an impact on the macro world and do my best to live my life harmlessly and with an open loving heart. I work with preemies and newborns as a nanny and I so love my work. And while I struggle with lifes challenges like everyone else, I feel very blessed in almost every area of my life.

    A woman named Diana in my 16 unit apartment building seems to dispise the 5 people in our building who live on the ‘spiritual side’ of life. She owns and operates an EPFX-SCIO machine since 2000 and has used it to harm me several times. I’m sure that the 8 strokes I’ve had are the result of this horrible machine being aimed at me and targeting me. This deceitful woman has hated me since 2004 and the on-going attacks continue to get more and more demented, like pooping under my kitchen window, putting a dead bird under the passenger seat of my car (bump locking my car lock to enter) putting 5 nails in my tires in a few weeks time, entering my apartment illegally countless times over the years by bump locking and doing strange harmful things like peeing into one of my glass water storage bottles, stealing things, breaking things and way too many things to mention. I have 18 pages of complaints about her. She was finally removed as manager of the building because so many tenants complained about her and her horrible nasty behavior.

    She is a church practitioner for the Church of Religious Science in North Hollywood, CA and pretends to be working for God (she likes to say ‘God bless you’) but really is there to make EPFX customers out of the people she ‘consuls’. I personally know 3 people from that church who she was supposed to consul. She told them her machine would be able to ‘help’, ‘balance’ and ‘adjust’ their frequencies of sickness. This hateful mentally ill woman should not be allowed to own and operate this dangerous machine which is really a DIRECTED ENERGY WEAPON
    (google this).

    And the ironic thing about all this is that if I were to tell anyone, I’m the one who sounds strange and horrible … really twisted situation. Both this woman Diana and the machine itself are a great example of ‘evil coming in disguise’ … Any comments ?????

  4. My biofeedback practioner in Canada uses an SCIO device and I have recommended dozens of people because of the overwhelming effectiveness of it, along with her excellent training.

  5. Larry Lemasters said

    As the EPFX became illegal with all the bad press, how has Bill Nelson been able to get the Indigo Biofeedback System allowed in the states? Is it as effective as the original EPFX? Larry

    • Bill nelson does not sell Indigo it is a product made and sold by a rival company in America. I have tested both devices in my lab turning the frequencies into sound sound and the scio is the better performer of the two. I have tested both devices clinically too and the result is the same the SCIO is a better performer.
      People who rubbish such devices have in most cases never seen one or used one. It is extremely unethical to behave in this manner no comment should be made on any medical device without lab testing and clinical trials. Unless one does that then ones comments are always invalid and should be ignored. The scio is a wonderful device in the hands of a qualified practitioner and a great team mate for the scio is the Mora.. Finally for your own protection don’t attend a clinic where you cannot see the practitioners credentials on the wall.


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